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Education and professionalism
Learning and applying knowledge is a big challenge but we address them painlessly. Educated people need to be professional and professionals require recognition. Edupro helps them to achieve their aims.
Excellent customer service
We are uncompromising at customer services. Customer dealing at Edupro is positive, helpful and friendly.
Why eduprouk
Flexibility in education
Everyone is busy today. Make your time valuable and pursue the best within it. At Edupro we believe that matching task, time and result is the key to success.
Working as a partner
Edupro is always positive about building and working in partnership. While doing so, we cherish a win-win situation and strictly abide by our agreement.


Britain’s booming job market means that fewer people are competing for vacant roles. According to recent data from the Office for National Statistics, there were around 818,000 job vacancies in the three months to May, one of the highest numbers on record.

GAP analysis


We have designed a range of qualifications that enable learners to progress right from Level 3 all the way up to Level 7.



Work as a Representative
We welcome application from individuals and organisations to work on behalf of Edupro in their own regions.
Get involved as a centre
Edupro welcomes application from colleges and institutions to be a part of global qualifications.
Join as a Learner
Edupro welcomes learners from different corners of the world. Edupro qualifications deliver maximum benefit in a flexible way.