Quality Assurance

E Edupro is committed to ensuring that the quality of its services is constantly monitored and that planning, procedures and financial resources are in place to ensure systematic improvement and to enhance efficiency and effectiveness for its benefit and that of its stakeholders. Edupro's commitment to the provision of quality service applies to every activity of the organisation – from its ongoing strategic and operational planning through to accreditation, reporting, and review processes. Edupro develops and enhances policies, procedures and implements key quality controls within a continuous improvement cycle to ensure that Edupro qualifications:
  • meet industry needs
  • meet learners needs
  • are delivered in partnership with its approved centres in a quality-assured manner

Edupro identifies the following key aspects of focus for the quality assurance and continuous improvement of the overall design, development and delivery of qualifications:
  • Qualification approval and validation

  • Assessment of qualifications

  • Internal quality assurance

  • External quality assurance

  • Centre approval

  • Centre management

  • Certification and award

  • Monitoring of Quality Assurance elements

    These quality elements along with our quality principles have been described in the Edupro QA Manual.

    Edupro applies the following six Quality Assurance (QA) principles in accomplishing the standard quality in the above aspects of quality assurance and continuous improvement process.

    1. Conduct with integrity
    2. Compliance
    3. Care and diligence
    4. Confidentiality
    5. Capability
    6. Conflicts of interest

    Please write to, if you need a copy of Edupro QA Manual.