Quality Assured

We are providing the quality assurance services and certification services for your own qualification or training programmes that you are offering to local markets. We know ‘one size does not fit all’. If standard qualifications do not meet your demand, you may take our Edupro Quality Assurance Service. For these programmes, we recognise the robust quality assurance systems that the centres have in place and apply to these programmes.
By obtaining Edupro Quality Assured certificate from UK, your learners will receive a globally recognised badge that demonstrates your dedication to maintaining high-quality standards.

Certificate of Achievement

Ensures the quality of learning from a course, tailored to meet specific objective.

Certificate of Completion

Provides the evidence of your learners' skill and knowledge progression in short courses.

Certificate of Attendance

Officially recognised badge for short or full-day training programmes.

Qualification code

Edupro standard qualifications are given a qualification code that starts with ‘EP’

Programme code

Customised award has a programme code that starts with ‘C’ e.g. C1701

 If you are interested to take the opportunity or learn more about QAS, please talk to us or email to service@eduprouk.com.