This policy describes and specifies the guidelines for handling refund. Edupro is devoted to high level of professional assurance, and its policies are fair, accessible, and unbiased.


Edupro takes fees from the centre in different occasions i.e., approval of new centre, registration of new learner, replacement fees for certificate, payment for external quality assurance visit and systems verification. All fees paid to Edupro are NON-REFUNDABLE.

However, refund may be necessary in the following situations:

  • an overpayment for requested services as a result of erroneous payment.
  • Edupro must accept refund requests from Edupro centres via letter or email within five working days.

Fees for Refund Processing

All bank charges are taken from the amount being refunded.

Refund Transfer Methods

The same mode of payment that was used to obtain the fees will be employed to complete the refund as much as practicable. If a centre made the original payment to Edupro, the refund will be made to the centre, who will then repay the student (where required).

Refund Processing Time

If the refund application form has been completed accurately and all essential information has been submitted to Edupro, a decision will be made within 5 working days.


We will notify the applicant if further information is necessary before a final decision can be made. Please note that this may cause the procedure to be delayed even further, and the original processing period of 5 working days may be extended as a result.

If the refund request is denied, Edupro will not generally review the decision unless the applicant can give additional material to support their claim that was not included in the initial request.