award service

Our customised award service (CAS) recognises that centres sometimes devise customised training programmes that are specific to their learners need and therefore aren’t part of any standard or national framework. For these programmes, we recognise the robust quality assurance systems that the centres have in place and apply to these programmes.

Endorsed Education Programme

The Endorsed Education Programme (EEP) is the customised programme that is written and owned by your organisation.

Our endorsement is the confirmation that your programmes have undergone a robust quality assurance process that will enable to receive an endorsement from a UK awarding organisation.

Endorsed Professional Programme

The Endorsed Professional Programme (EPP) is for employers who have an in-house training programme which they wish to have endorsed from a UK awarding organisation. This is similar to the EEP but it will be clearly branded as an employer programme. This programme offers endorsed certificates jointly with Edupro.

Qualification code

Edupro standard qualifications are given a qualification code that starts with ‘EP’

Programme code

Customised award has a programme code that starts with ‘C’ e.g. C1701

 If you are interested to take the opportunity or learn more about CAS, please talk to us or email to