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Edupro is a professional awarding body with a broad perspective to serve education worldwide.


Our Qualifications
We design and award a wide range of qualifications which are comparable to RQF level 3 through to level 7. Our qualifications are designed by subject expert academicians, which are delivered globally.


Our learners have an opportunity to achieve a global certificate through our centres.

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Edupro Objective

Our Work Objective & Concern

Edupro’s major objective is to provide individuals with a competitive educational award through high-quality qualifications development, delivery, and award. We aim to practices pertaining to professionalism with an emphasis on learners’ ethics. In the process of meeting international standards all through, we aim to ensure that our qualifications meet specific criteria providing maximum benefits to our learners and centres.


Edupro is concerned with quality in its business and services. We network and work with organisations common with our vision and mission based upon professionalism, integrity, and support.

Equal Opportunity

We are committed to equal opportunities for the community. At Edupro, learning opportunities are treated fairly without discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, or marital status.

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